On 28th September 2016 the coordinators of IEE projects CERtuS, Stella Styliani Fanou (ENEA), and Republic_ZEB, Giovanni Riva (CTI), met in Rome at the ENEA headquarters to trace the framework of the activities and to exchange impressions and present results.

Both projects deal with the refurbishment of existing public buildings to nZEB through different approaches.  In both projects the economic and financial issues related to the transformations of the buildings emerged with particular emphasis.  In particular, these issues can be dealt through a proper implementation of the concept of nZEB in the national legislations and appropriate public-private partnerships.

In particular, the coordinators agreed to compare and mutually discuss, in the near future, the lessons learned during the development of the projects and the identified recommendations addressed to the involved technical sectors, to the public administrations and to EASME.

The meeting was also attended by prof. Lucia Martincigh of the Department of Architecture of Roma Tre University, playing the role of key actor in both projects.  Prof. Martincigh, who addressed such issues over time and for other European projects, will collaborate for comparison of lessons learned.

CERtuS (www.certus-project.eu/) is a IEE project involving municipalities, energy service companies and financing entities from all economically stricken Southern European countries.  It aims to facilitate EU Directives for increasing the number of nZEB in the public sector and help stakeholders gain confidence with the investments required to renovate public buildings.

Republic_ZEB (www.republiczeb.org) is a IEE project that brings together partners from the South-Eastern European countries to develop and promote near Zero Energy Building tools.  The aim is to provide the means of reducing energy consumption in public buildings, in particular through the increased awareness of builders and of public building owners.