The Municipality of Alimos, ETVA VIPE (member of the Piraeus Bank group) and Euditi – Energy and Environmental Design have organised an online seminar on “Financing models for nearly zero energy building (nZEB) deep renovations of municipal buildings”.

The webinar is part of the CERtuS project which studies the financing schemes for large-scale renovations of municipal buildings in Southern European countries in order to lower their energy consumption to nearly zero. The webinar aims to promote nZEB renovations and support municipalities in designing renovation studies eligible for funding, as well as share the experience and knowledge gained during the project on innovative financing models.

The seminar is free and is conducted online. It lasts three days and starts at 09:30 until 14:30 on January 31st, February 1st and February 3rd. Participants have the opportunity to attend the seminar in person on Friday, February 3, if they wish.

For the agenda of the webinar, please see the file attached.