Welcome to CERtuS 

CERtuS is a project involving Municipalities, energy service companies and financing entities from all economically stricken Southern European countries. It aims to facilitate EU Directives for increasing the number of nearly zero-energy buildings in the public sector. Many of the municipal buildings in Southern Europe require deep renovations to become nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) in the upcoming years. The objective of CERtuS is to stimulate the growth of this energy service sector and to help stakeholders gain confidence in such investments. CERtuS shall develop representative deep renovation projects and innovative financing schemes that will act as models for replication. Dissemination actions shall target municipalities, ESCOs and financing entities in all Southern European Member States.

CERtuS is co-financed by the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme.

Project Summary

The expected economic situation in many EU countries till year 2020 will be such that nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) will be difficult to attain because this will require costly deep renovations that entail high risks for the financing organisations. This is especially true in Southern European Member States where the economies are not expected to show a fast recovery till year 2020. Eventually, municipalities will be in the difficult position to be obliged to renovate their buildings but they will lack the technical capability to pursue such projects and mostly the financial instruments. Moreover, the financing entities which will have limited financing abilities will consider these investments risky and thus of lower priority. The main goal of CERtuS is to support nZEB renovations in municipalities in Southern Europe and help the stakeholders (i.e. municipalities, financing entities and third party contractors) gain confidence in such investments.