Specific objectives

Our Specific objectives are

  • To prepare 12 representative projects of nZEB deep renovations in 4 Municipalities of Southern Europe, which will act as model examples for the whole Southern Europe.
  • To adapt existing energy service models and procedures to meet the needs of Municipalities and nZEB under tight financial conditions
  • To work out financing schemes
  • To support replication by capacity building via training of employees of the Municipalities and regional governments of the participating member states
  • To provide means and examples to other Municipalities with similar environment for carrying out similar projects

Strategic objectives

Our Strategic objectives are

  • To create conditions so that more, municipalities, financing institutions and third party contractors develop projects of nZEB renovations in the upcoming years (2017 -2020).
  • To stimulate the inflow of more private funds in nZEB renovations supporting the southern member states to fulfill obligations towards EPBD recast and EED Directives.
  • To stimulate the development of even more financial schemes to accelerate the implementation of the EPBD recast and EED Directives in the southern European member states.
  • To stimulate the uptake of ESCO market in southern European member states.\r\n To facilitate the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive.